State’s Rights

America is, indeed, a nation of states. Most of us believe in State’s Rights, which is the idea that one state, like say, Nevada, can have some laws that are different from other states.

Like, can you turn right on a red light, after coming to a complete stop.

Well, after a lot of research, Robn & Dave are quite certain that the NVDEMS, the Nevada branch of the "Democratic" Party. (Play ironic music here.) is

authoritarian, totalitarian, dictatorial, despotic, draconian, autocratic, undemocratic, anti-democratic, illiberal, etc. *

(Fortunately, most state "Democratic" Party folks are much more "democratic".)

The NVDEMS repeatedly demonstrated those attributes on 14 May. I can post the videos if you are not sure who to believe. But, for now I will just link to this open letter.

The caption for the top photo is "Roberta’s Rules of Order" Lange, Nevada Democratic Party Chair, seen on the left, at the moment that she told the woman that was trying to give the group, the Minority Report, to buzz off.

*The short form for this list is fascist. No foolin’.


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