More Campaign tampering.

First, I have not vetted this. But, I think that you can profit from it anyway. I am just say that each of us, ESPECIALLY those working with the Sanders campaign, needs to be careful. AND, to report suspicious activity.

No vigilante stuff. Just shine a light on anything that worries you.

For those who have not yet Primaried, check your registration, if it matters. In some states it was OK the day before the Primary, but bad on Primary day, so, there is only so much we can do, but please share any news of verified problems.

If you notice what looks like sabotage activity try to tell Bernie’s campaign, but post it far and wide on FB, blogs, and where ever you can.

Bernie will win, if we can get out the vote AND minimize the election sabotage. Bill Clinton closing down polling places is not their only weapon.

Don’t even think about retaliation. Keep your efforts full time on protecting Bernie.


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