The War on Blacks

Bernie is calling attention to several aspects of the long running War on Blacks.

On Facebook, I posted a link about America having 2.2 million people in jail. And a friend wrote some thin to the effect:

"344 died in Baltimore last year. Look up the numbers and ages who died. And do the same in at least five other major cities, ESPECIALLY Chicago – then tell me who is killing who. And post your suggestions on how to correct the "war". Your guy Sanders supposedly spent a mere 20 minutes walking B’more. In daylight, surrounded by security."

To which I answered:

Gosh, we don’t give Blacks or anyone else that the (White) People in Power don’t like, access to a good education. Young Blacks have like 50% unemployment (of legal means). About 33% go to our very profitable Prison Corporations, where they are like a College for crime, instead of re-hab, and finally getting the tools to be an asset to Society.

It used to be that the Welfare System was designed to keep them on Welfare, and as Single moms. I believe that it is a little better now, but could be a LOT better.

And on, and on. There has been a War on Blacks just because some white bigots wanted one and they had the power. We get to live with the collateral damage. Large parts of our country, like B’more, get a front row seat.

Growing up with the deck stacked against them, are you mystified how they might not be model Citizens?

It is very complex and does not respond well to sound bites, so the Rs can ignore it. But, we, as a Nation, need to address it and a lot of other things.

As I keep saying George Carlin nailed it. ‘Keep us fighting Blacks, or Mexicans or Muslims and we won’t notice the ‘Elephant in the room.’

Ironic that choice of animal is so appropriate here.

If one pays any attention to Bernie’s plans and his actual voting history, he has several important factors that he wants to bring to pass that will help Blacks, and that helps ALL of us. A LOT!

>Your guy Sanders supposedly spend a mere 20 minutes walking B’more. In daylight, surrounded by security.

And, how much time did your guy spend???

Bernie gave at least one, very appropriate speech to B’more Black leaders and listened carefully to their input.

What did your guy do? Who is your guy?

Nice to point out problems. What are your guy’s SOLUTIONS? How have they worked out so far?

Bernie, nor ANY one person, cannot fix very many things, much less everything. BUT, he can facilitate. He can direct the broad strokes.

If people still think that a War on Blacks is only in the minds of the tinfoil hat crowd, then let’s start opening some eyes and minds. Just like "the Emperor’s New Clothes." There have been a LOT of important hoaxes going on for a very long time. The dead in Baltimore are largely from the War on Blacks.

Let’s shine the Light of Truth and Honesty on our Country. Then we can try to fix the damage.


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