Good Teachers

IMHO, Parents are the best teachers, BUT they are often busy and each particular parent just might have a few short comings that they innocently pass on to their kids.

GOOD teachers (measure with my yardstick, not ‘standardized test’, or ‘Flat Earth’ teachers) are so very valuable. Practically infinitely valuable.

They can teach kids how to learn, teach them that learning is fun, and profitable. And so on.

This seems to be one of those GOOD teachers.

Thank you for your service. One great teacher change thousands of lives, who go out into the World and change millions.


1 thought on “Good Teachers

  1. Yes, good parents make good teachers. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bad parents who simply don’t give a hoot how their offspring grow. Children learn by example, and hearing constant spousal screaming, cussing and physical fighting imprint on children.

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