Vote smart

26 Mar, 11:10AM Seattle time

We are watching TV coverage of the caucus in our home area and just now, a young woman was in tears because she feels that “BernieBros” has been saying sexist trash and Bernie “has not told them to stop!”

So, I searched online for

bernie tells berniebros to stop

And, there are LOTS of reports that he AND his staff have “told them to stop,” repeatedly! So, this women, who says that she preferred Bernie, until this happened, is going to vote for Clinton.

PLEASE, all Americans, work hard to base your vote on TRUTH. Whoever you want, but get it right! In America, we have a long tradition of political lies, advertising lies, etc.

Stop allowing that. With the web, we have powerful resources.

Sure, any 12yr old can make a false website, but learn basic search skills and educate yourself.



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