Attn Voters

I just stole this from a post by James Reigns on my Facebook page.

“Bernie supporters in Washington, Hawaii, and Alaska! If you’re voting tomorrow, be sure to see to it that everything is in order for you to vote. Check your voter registration now. Vote early if possible. Keep an eye out for any voter corruption. Take videos, take pictures and TAKE NAMES – if you get questionable information from any poll worker – GET A NAME. Details are necessary to substantiate any pictures or videos.

“Don’t let the DNC keep you from exercising your right to VOTE! If told you can’t, insist to. If given a run around, see it through! If the lines are long, do NOT leave! Stay, stand your ground and VOTE! You, me, your kids, my kids, our future — We need this man.”

There is a very well made video about just a few of the ways the Establishment is trying to change the vote at


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