This explains a lot of why Robn & Dave like Bernie Sanders so much.

But, first, a Vet allegedly wrote somewhere that when he learned that Bernie ‘dodged the draft’ during the Vietnam War, that this Vet was not going to vote for him. He did NOT!

This misunderstanding of Bernie is wrong. Well, actually, the number of lies and deceptions about Bernie are massive, but let me touch on this.

First of all I, David Heath, and millions of others, during the Vietnam War, did not believe that the USA should be there for many reasons.

Especially, as History has shown Dave and others were correct.

I have great respect for the people that did serve. I did not, and I broke no laws. Neither did Bernie. His number was not called until after he was past draft age.

He did register as a Conscientious Objector. He was very young and that was a bad war. That was a legal and correct registration as offered by the Govt at that time. He was not breaking ANY law.

He is not very young anymore. He points out that for many years, he has been and is still, VERY aware that there are times that Military Force IS needed and he has voted for the use of Military Force several times. Look it up.

Please watch this video below, until it stops, and get to know the TRUE Bernie a little better. He CAN do what he says, but only if we, the 99% will support him. The Establishment does not want you too. They are ramping up the negative propaganda. Keep your eyes on the Truth.


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