Shampoo surprise

A friend sent me a post about natural, home made shampoo. Ironically, about 2 months ago, Robn and I switched to one part Organic Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with 7 parts water. Works great AND my hair is growing back! But, Google it. They suggest that you change gradually, use caution, etc. But, Robn & I love it.

It will be nice to have hair again.

It was a double blind experiment. Neither Robn nor I had any idea that it would help hair growth. It took us a while to learn WHY it was growing back. Years ago I tried Rogain with no results at all.

Dave & Robn


3 thoughts on “Shampoo surprise

  1. Our old male cat Hector has been having cystitis problems. First time, we went to the emergency vet, got opiods for pain and antibiotics. We took them all, didn’t help (just kidding). Helped but as soon as we used them up, the cystitis was back. Next we gave him .5ml of a 4:1 ACV dilution with a little syringe. It cleared up in 2 hours. As long as we’re regular with the ACV, no more problems. Not only that, but he now has an increased appetite and higher energy.

    Maybe you should also drink a little of your “shampoo?”

  2. Add a drop of rosemary essential oil to your ACV hair tonic and I believe you will have even more hair growth! If you don’t have the EO, then you can make your own tincture by ‘steeping’ fresh rosemary in the ACV or white distilled vinegar. Add some of that to the mix. Basically rosemary helps with hair growth. :)

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