Dave arrived

Dave arrived, safe, but exhausted at Robn’s boat, Heidi in Trinidad at about 230 AM Friday. More info some day, but he (I) immediately went to bed for virtually the next 36 hours. I am feeling MUCH better, but it is likely that I will be getting even more sleep often in the next few days.

I will try hard to get much better connections on my flights in the future. Price is not the ONLY factor. Surviving is also good.

Robn and Heidi are great and glad to see me.

Being out of touch has its advantages. I did not hear about many dumb things happening in the World. Can’t you guys keep things under control?

Dave & Robn


1 thought on “Dave arrived

  1. Glad you are safe back on Heidi. Is Alegria still in Turkey?

    Lance and Joan Smith
    We enjoyed a good family thanksgiving. tried to ignore all the craziness in the world.

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