Controversial Series Replay

The controversial series of videos of alternative cancer cures is on again briefly. You do not need to sign up, etc. Robn & I think that it is not perfect, but VERY good.

One person was offended by the "unsupported claims in the first 10 mins."

He stopped watching.

And I also found several parts that I am skeptical of.

HOWEVER, how many main stream "FACTS" do we hear and accept without double checking?

If you care, I can prove beyond any doubt what so ever that main stream medical (I prefer the Medical Mafia) has lied to us in very important ways repeatedly. Yet, millions of people take everything they say without question.

For example Dr. Semmelweis only asked that Doctors wash their hands, and for his troubles, was committed to an asylum, was beaten by the guards there and quickly died. Can you spell Guantanamo?……/the-doctor-who-championed-hand-washing…


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