On a serious note

Please have a look at these:


And, most of us are opposed to female genital mutilation, but learn more about male genital mutilation, which many cultures approve of as circumcision.

Dave & Robn


2 thoughts on “On a serious note

  1. Hope you two are doing well. Looks like you are enjoying life as you should be. Things are better here now. Bob was diagnosed with prostate cancer in late July and had surgery Aug. 20. They were able to get it all as it was in the early stages. No chemo or radiation is needed but he will be getting PSA checks regularly as I get MRI’s regularly for my brain tumor. He is on medical leave until the end of this month and is now just taking it easy at home with Chloe. Love hearing from you and your interesting travels so keep it coming. Take care and stay safe.
    Nancy, Bob & Chloe

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