A few photos

First, here’s a picture of Dave and Robn.

Robn & Dave sml

Next, you will remember how much I enjoyed the various kinds of hearty breads in Germany. This being only one example:

Korn bread

And I was impressed that people that also enjoy these breads sometimes have special equipment. Too bad I didn’t think to remove my items from the counter before I took these photos.

Bread slicer 1

When you open the drawer, you see:

Bread slicer 2

No. That is not a CD player.

Bread slicer 3

And it is not a table saw. It is a very ingenious slicer, that folds away between meals.

Also they have very clever windows. You can open this one from the top, or from the side.

Window top Window Side

All you have to do is turn the handle the correct direction result that you want.


Dave and Robn


2 thoughts on “A few photos

  1. A smear of Irish butter and a slice of that meaty bread would make a meal. Glad you are staying busy and enjoying life. Capt.

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