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Recently, I watched (with disgust) the movie “All Is Lost” with Robert Redford. It seems to entertain the masses, but the writer knows nearly nothing about sailboats at sea and how to not sink. Redford talks into to back of his radio microphone. Alzheimer’s? Alcohol abuse? He seems to be in a daze, during the whole film.

As one sailor said, “(Redford) is not the ‘King of Salty.’” Talk about understatement!

The best similarly preposterous example I can think of is in the typical Hollywood drama, where the villain is trying to run over the beautiful heroine, with his Buick.

She is seen running for hundreds of yards, straight down the middle of the paved road, trying to get away, when just turning 90 degrees and running up the hill side, or through the trees, or over the rocks, or between the cars of the parking lot, would immediately stop the Buick.

Or, the good guy burns up 60 seconds of film being strangled, while pulling in vain at the bad guys muscular hands. Even though the bad guy’s eyeballs, ears, windpipe, nose and lips and of course his Family Jewels are just waiting to be gouged or ripped off. And, there is a simple way to break his grip.

I guess Darwin was right. We need to eliminate the dumb from the gene pool.

But, I have recently seen the two films taken aboard the 40ft sailboat Northern Light, by Deborah Shapiro, & Rolf Bjelke. (Which is all in Swedish, but you will get a lot out of it.

and this one by them in English. It is older, probably no longer available
Time on Ice: Overwinter Voyage to Antarctica

Your library may be able to get them. They show good video about life at sea.

And, for nearly all sailors, we work hard to NOT have dangerous or uncomfortable experiences and 99% of the time, we achieve that goal.

But, non-sailors and Hollywood want to do drama. Don’t assume that all sailing is heroic drama. It should NOT be. It is very boring and safe if you have any idea what you are doing.

But, there is a LOT to learn, so do your homework before buying a boat.



1 thought on “Sailing videos

  1. We agree, Dave. Friends had told us they had seen “All Is Lost” and thought of us the whole time and knew we’d love it. So we saw it, and walked out blue in the arms from elbowing each other every time (which was pretty constant) a ridiculous breach of seamanship occurred. All should not have been lost, and we were amazed that people found this movie entertaining.

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