Have you fixed the Heartbleed problems yet?

I thought that the coincidence was quite strong.

I watched episode 2 of the 2010 TV series, “Human Target” that has the hero and his team, trying to save the life of someone who has discovered a secret, “Key to the Internet, that will allow anyone to unlock ANY website and steal money or secrets, etc.” Hollywood drama, right?

Just a day later, a colleague here in the marina announce the, “Heartbleed Bug” to us. Virtually the same thing.

In case you have somehow missed it, here is a link below that explains it. You know all those chain emails that come around, where, “The sky is falling! Send this to everyone you know, and everyone you don’t know, IMMEDIATELY!”

Well, I’m somewhat surprised that Edward is the only one who has told me about it so far. But, it is a genuine threat, that as you will see in the link below, does not affect the entire Internet, but does in fact jeopardize a great deal of it. In the flaw has existed for about two years, without the good guys knowing about it. Have a look.


There is more and more every day about it online. As they caution, not every website is affected, and changing passwords on a website that still has the problem, is of limited usefulness. But, look at some reputable sources and protect yourself.

The browser, “Google Chrome” has a plug-in that automatically warns you if you go to a website that still has the danger unresolved. A nice safety feature.

BTW, there are/were a LOT more sites that had/have the problem than listed in the link I show. I think it would be responsible for any website that, EVER had this problem, to post a notice on its homepage, like, “We used to have this problem, that no one knew about until recently. However, we have fixed it now. So please change your passwords. We apologize for the inconvenience, but literally no one knew the danger existed, until very recently.”



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