What’s in a name?

A friend sent me this photo, which reminded me of another dog that I knew.

(You should see a photograph of a dog, that says, “Hi! My name is Stopthat. Sometimes they call me Getbackhere.”

The dog at the marine railway that we used in Guaymas, Mexico, was “Deja Lo!” Which means “Leave it alone!” As in, “Stop that you stupid dog!”

He was a nice dog, but I suppose that he heard “Deja Lo!” so often when he first arrived in the boat yard, that he thought that it was his name.

Many years ago, in Texas, a man was building a boat. And, people would ask, “What are you going to name her?”

He always replied, “‘Damned if I know.”

When he launched her, he christened her, “Damfino” and thought he was so clever. Until the first time he tried to use the Marine Operator to make a phone call. (You used to be able to do that in the USA. They were fun to eavesdrop on.)

Captain: “Hello. I’d like to make a ship to shore telephone call.”

Operator: “Fine sir. I will be glad to help you with that. What is your call sign?”

Captain: “WXY1234″

Operator: Thank you. What is the name of your vessel?”

Captain: “Damfino”

Operator: “I am sorry, but I need to know the name of your vessel. Can you please ask someone?”

Captain: “That IS the name. I am the Captain and owner.”

Operator: “I am sorry, but I really do need to know the name of your vessel. Can you safely read me what it says on the stern of your vessel?”

And so on. Like, “Who’s on first.”

I told this story to my friend John, when I was in high school, and he liked it so much that he almost use that name on one of his boats.

John’s most recent project is a very large steel vessel, that really should be called a ship. He named her, “Notayot” as in “not a yacht.” She is the big blue one, below.


I wish him well with his radio traffic. And everything else, for that matter.


4 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. I had a similar experience, asking a client what her admin password was so I could log onto her database (this was bout 1996). She said, “No idea!” … which really was the password: noidea

  2. I had a dog that would smile & say “arrow” when a friend came in–not by request or command but only by her free will & choice to HER friends!

    • One of my Great Aunts had a Chihuahua that had learned that Humans smiled when they met and were happy. So, she (the Chihuahua) would show her teeth, but it was more of a grimace.

      New people tended to step back when this very friendly, tiny dog would come running up with a LOT of teeth showing.

      We had to ‘translate’ for them, but after a few times, the new person would gradually believe us.

      I have often been told to NEVER show you teeth around a primate. We all have multiple body language signals.

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