“Warm and fuzzy”

Some friends have sent me the following links. I think some people discount them as, “Warm and fuzzy” or “Feel good.”

I see no shame in that.

Some of my very dear friends are very religious. Some are, but like to keep it quiet. Some are made quite uncomfortable by the mention of religion. So, I have friends of all flavors. That’s okay with me.

Without defining it as being religious, or whatever, I will just say that I believe strongly in being nice, and being helpful. I certainly don’t always accomplish it, but it is a goal, and the direction that I like to aim.

I don’t define it as, “All humans should be this way.” I think that every living creature should be this way. I’m quite aware that tigers and barracudas are predators. Even cows prey on the grass and the leaves. But, when possible, I think that we all have a lot of optional time in our lives, where we can choose to be nice or nasty.

As I say, I like to aim for nice, and avoid nasty wherever possible. I think that all of the world’s religions, started out as nice, but some people have perverted them into nasty. I think that the Quakers, might be the only major religion that has not been used as an excuse to start and continue warfare and killing and hatred. I believe that, even though the vast majority of people that are believers in their religion are good people, that want to be nice. But a lot of hatred gets spread around using religion as an excuse. At least in my humble opinion.

So, as some, “Warm and fuzzy” videos, to reward us and encourage us to try to always be nice, I suggest these:


And, since Syria is not far away from where I live, and that is what I think this following video is an analogy for. However, unfortunately there are many parts of the world that have been, that are today, and that will be in the future, experiencing similar problems.


And, here are some more things that friends have sent me from the web, that I wanted to share:



I have some friends that really love FOXNews, but since I don’t like continually spreading hatred, I tend to agree more, with the following:

And to close with a grin, I suggest this one. A tongue-in-cheek video about the difference between dogs and cats:




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