Sad & Happy

One of the cruising couples, whose boat is tied up very close to Alegria has had a really bad winter. Most of the info that I have, was given to me through the grapevine. So it may be significantly wrong. But here is what I think I know.

He had a respiratory problem that they felt was the cause of his failing health, but the many doctors that they went to, could not figure out exactly what was going on.

It eventually got to the point that he was admitted to a hospital in Antalya, and underwent lung surgery to remove something that they could see on the x-rays, that was inside his lung. When I got it out, I was told that it was definitely not cancer, and that he was looking better than he had looked in many months.

Then I heard no news for a while, and then I was told that the incision had gotten infected, and they had to do another surgery, to remove the infected incision, but things looked much better now.

More time passed, where I heard no news.

Well, the final result was that he passed away a few days ago without leaving the hospital.

Since this is the approximately one year anniversary, of an all too similar, major disaster in my life, I think about it a lot. And I send my prayers, well wishes, whatever’s, to his wife, his family and friends, and even to him.

They have many friends here and I certainly hope that if anyone thinks of any way that any of us can help, that they will spread the word.

Life in the Marina goes on. I had the pleasure of attending a very happy and festive 50th birthday party in the Marina communal room last night. There will be a barbecue this afternoon in honor of Chinese New Year. And lots of good things, have happened, are happening, and will be happening. As best I can, I prefer to concentrate on the happy stuff, and I hope that the new widow in the Marina comes through this in the best possible way. Whatever that is, for her particular situation, and all the family and friends. Best regards, in the literal sense.

Now I would like to change the subject, in order to try to elevate the mood for as many of us as I can, I would like to list some links that were recently sent to me by various people, that have some very entertaining videos. They made me laugh a lot, and took my mind off the darker moments. They may not appeal to you, but give them a try. I do believe the, ‘laughter is the best medicine’ quote has a lot going for it.

My funny video experience this morning, began with:

And this next one is featured in that collection. Here is a little more depth:

This collection of dogs in boots, is very repetitive. But worth a look. I thought it interesting how similar, totally unrelated dogs, reacted to having something on their feet.

Here is the Album page of one of the contributors, followed by a couple of them that I like very much.

This clip about dancers is repetitive, but punctuated many times by new and amazing dance steps. I had not thought of the powerful effect of combining dance and optical illusion.

In these next two are not at all funny, but since I’m sending a bunch of links, I thought I would just check them on at the bottom. The first is about a castaway dog on island, and the second is about a man’s survival of 16 months drifting at sea. As I recall, the pages mentioned many more examples of similar stories. Now days with the EPIRB and satellite phones, these stories will hopefully get far more rare. The ability to communicate from literally anywhere on surface of the planet, has really come a long way. What a shame the man in the second link did not have a way to be able to do that.

And, I will close with another attempt to make you smile:


“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
―EXACTLY where did Dr. Seuss say that? I love it, but what is the real origin? I don’t care. It is still true. But, if you happen upon the answer, please pass it on.


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