Man’s Inhumanity.

Man’s Inhumanity.

Actually, it is the Faroe Islands. Denmark is not responsible for this whale slaughter and directing outrage against that country is counterproductive and unfair. But the link below says, “Denmark is a big shame.The sea is stained in red and in the meanwhile it’s not because of the climate effects of nature.”

The Faroe Islands, Japan and some other nations are still whaling. See also

I enjoy science fiction stories. A common theme is quite humans will do when they meet another intelligent life form.

It seems sort of ironic. I think everyone agrees that whales and the dolphin family are quite intelligent. We met them a long time ago. And even today, we make dog food and fertilizer for our gardens out of them. That seems embarrassing to me.

I strongly regret that we bother them in any way. But, to God of our way to actually torture them, and the process of killing them, seems inexcusable to me.

In fairness, we still have slavery, and still torture other human beings. So, it should be no surprise.



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