A wonderful power boat is for sale!

We first met Bruce Butterfield in Papeete in 1978. He worked all over the world, as captain on large commercial ships for many years. We got to visit with him again briefly in Hawaii in 1979, when he was captain of a tanker that was visiting there. He retired a few years ago, to the busman’s holiday, of cruising in first a sailboat, and then Desert Venture.

My mom and I even got to rendezvous with Bruce and Angela in Seattle in 2010 for an all too brief meeting. I have not been aboard Desert Venture. She was not in Seattle on that day. They had needed to drive back in to get some things, and we met at a restaurant. But, I am confident that she is top-of-the-line in every facet.

Any boat, particularly a successful cruising boat, is a whole collection of compromises. That is in absolutely no way, a bad thing. It is absolutely essential, that in all of the countless choices, one must choose the very best compromise for each particular purpose. Every part, hose, bulkhead, every atom of the boat, could be more economical, in order to save money and use it where it really matters. It could be more corrosion resistant, or stronger, or more beautiful, or lighter weight. So, what I think everyone is seeking, is the very best collection of compromises for their purposes. That is the way you try to approach perfection.

I just bet, because I know Bruce and Angela, mostly through correspondence over the last 35 years, that you would find Desert Venture to be an exemplary vessel. This is what a very experienced professional mariner, chooses when he goes to sea for fun.

If you know anyone who would like to buy an outstanding vessel, or you just want to have a peek at one, here is their link:


I’m sure that you will enjoy reading past entries in their blog. Both for just the pleasure of it, and also to see how carefully they have maintained Desert Venture. It may also be useful to see a woman who enjoys cruising so thoroughly.

Back in the 1980s, Janet often crewed on a similar sized powerboat that cruised between San Diego and the Pacific coast of Mexico each year. One year there was another woman crewing with her who said that her mom had written a book, with the excellent title, “One Man’s Dream : One Woman’s Nightmare.”

Far too often, that is the way men and women think of cruising, whether on a powerboat or sailboat. It’s a pink job, blue job kind of thing. It has destroyed many marriages.

By the way, the author of the, “Dream/Nightmare” continued cruising as a couple for many years after writing the book. Janet read it and pronounced it a great book.

But, cruising as a couple, certainly does not need to be that way. Many thousands of women love it. Angela is an excellent example, who writes a great blog and will significantly increase the chances that other women will see the enjoyment that she has experienced.

One of Janet’s favorite quotes was, “The difference between an adventure and an ordeal, is attitude.” It has long been my opinion that everyone needs to work out, for themselves, how they want to spend their time. They used to call it, “finding yourself.” Sadly, many people never seem to accomplish that.

But, Janet and Dave, Bruce and Angela, and thousands more, really enjoy messing about in boats. We certainly have to put up with things that no one enjoys, but the pleasures are many, and they are very satisfying to the soul. It is extremely fortunate that it is not for everyone. If you think the anchorages can be crowded now, what would they be like if every fool were out here.

But, the Desert Venture blog, gives you an excellent perspective of life aboard your own personal, petite luxury liner. Nice work if you can get it.



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