I was just told about a recent magnitude 2.3 earthquake near Antalya, a city, which is a couple of hours bus ride N of Finike.

I was not at all aware of it on the boat. It could be that I heard the noise. There are occasional, mystery noises, where I think someone has knocked on the boat. The equivalent of ringing my doorbell. But I go outside and there’s no one there.

Janet and I have been through a few minor earthquakes while we were on boats. She was in San Diego, when one occurred. She was working on a big powerboat there, and as I recall, she said, you were definitely aware that something was happening. But it was very strange.

I have heard people say that they thought their boat had run aground when an earthquake happened.

We were approaching Acapulco, on the second trip, about 1986 and there was quite obviously an earthquake. It was not exactly like running aground. But I’m sure that different kinds, cause different reactions. Just like running aground under different circumstances.

We had only a year before been through the major 1985 earthquake in Mexico City, which killed over 10,000 people. And buildings all around the building we were totally collapsed. So, we were a little gun shy about getting any closer to Acapulco, if there is going to be a tidal wave. It turned out, there wasn’t.

We have friends that survived the 2004 tidal wave, some years ago, that, I think, was based near Indonesia, but affected the whole Western Pacific, and much of the Indian Ocean. I recently mentioned a movie about that. That particular movie was perhaps more realistic than most people would enjoy. I have no idea how they created the film shots. Movie Magic.

Ironically, I was just reading yesterday, about the thousands of reported, mystery lights that are seen before, or during certain kinds of earthquakes.

Unfortunately, until very recently, these fell into the “Scientific” category of, “I am not familiar with anything that sounds like that. I am an expert in this field! Therefore, it obviously did not happen. You are a fool for even mentioning it.”

So, like so many new things that have yet to be admitted, it was professional suicide to even mention such stories without laughing and rolling on the floor.

BUT, with the spreading prevalence of closed-circuit video cameras, several of these cameras, caught this phenomena on film in several earthquakes. And it FINALLY has begun to be studied. At least some, do now admit that it exists, and they are thinking up explanations. Perhaps piezoelectric. This next link, is where I heard about it. However, it does not really tell you very much:

So, I went to the, extremely technical publication that they cited and I found this:

It gives a large number of examples of sightings, with the occasional drawing of what they saw. It sounds a lot like ball lightning. Which was also considered impossible for far too long.

Have fun reading about them. Stay safe. And always remember that, “Honesty” and an “Open Mind” are far too often thrown away. Try to hang onto both of yours as long as you can.

As a mental exercise, imagine that you are in a time machine and it plopped you out in 1800. Into meeting of the greatest scientific minds of the time.

Your assignment is:
Explain electricity to them, and all the things you can do with it. Including email, LED lights, three-phase power, 3TB hard drives, laptop computers, and cell phone that are more powerful than many laptops.

If that doesn’t get you burned at the stake, try to tell them about the people where you come from, that can dig stuff up out of the ground and magically transform it into flying carriages that will allow you to fly halfway around the world in less than a day. You could start out by saying, “Oh, and in our time we travel inside flying dirt.”

See how far you get.



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