Happy New Years!

Some cruising friends just sent me a very International New Years card from Jacquie Lawson. I wanted to pass it on, but I doubt that I can do that as Ms. Lawson, quite understandably, and correctly, is wanting to be paid for her work. So, I will just direct you to, but a small portion of her large an excellent website:

And I will say that the card I got was the top one on that list. But, I’m not trying to cheat her out of her income, or bootleg one of her cards. It is just that I appreciated the card from Nancy and Burger and wanted to remind all of all you about Ms. Lawson. Perhaps I can help her find both new and returning customers.

WordPress tells me that I had people look at my blog from 81 different countries during 2013. Most were from the United States, Canada and the UK, but the total number of visits was about 13,000. Several people have waxed ecstatic about my wonderful writing skills. They are very sincere and I thank them very sincerely. I really do appreciate that. And I hope that the rest of you will excuse me if I try to think more often of those complements than a few who do not like the way I write. For them I say, “Hey. The Internet is a big place. Go find a page you like.”

(That is me being polite. Otherwise I might say, “Blow it out your elbow.”)

That is not to say that I do not appreciate polite suggestions. I am extremely aware that the blog is not very close to the way I would like it to be. But, I have other problems right now that need solving. Website design is quite a ways down the list.

And, I will remind everyone that, in much of the American South, one eats black eyed peas and corn bread on New Year’s Day to bring good luck in the coming year. Pretty easy duty, since they are two of my favorite dishes. Some have told me they eat cabbage in addition, as that stands for money. In Mexico, the slang for money was ‘lechuga’ which means lettuce. But, I am sure you have your own traditions, which would have to include the possibility of not doing anything unusual. Other than trying to recover from New Year’s Eve as gently as possible.

So, stay very, very safe and happy, and continue that job description for all of 2014.



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