A good author can make History so much more interesting!

I will mention the “very good History books,” in a moment.

H. L. Heath, one of my father’s two brothers, would sometimes say, “My business success is not that I am smart, but rather that I know how to hire smart people.”

During his lifetime he ran a succession of very successful businesses. Businesses, that often thought outside the box.

And, there is the fact that he hired me, but that is not the ONLY reason that I quote him.

On that same theme, I would want to say something similar. My success is that I have a lot of very bright friends. Glenna and Jennie are just two of many. But, they are excellent examples.

Also, H. L. Heath was not the only one of my many very bright relatives. Just one of many people, that changed my life dramatically.

OK. I will stop patting myself on the back. My arm is getting sore.

I post this message here to make sure you see it. However, this is really a reply to the first two comments, from Glenna and Jennie, at the bottom of the page at the following link.


But, several have said that they cannot figure out how to read the comments.

At least today, when I scroll down the “I vote for Honesty” page, the comments from Glenna and Jennie, just automatically appear. If they do not for you, feel free to email me. I prefer Gmail, but I also monitor several Hotmail.com accounts. I will tell you that the name of one of the Hotmails has the letters “svalegria” before the at sign.

If there is any doubt, it might be good to use the subject line, “I vote for honesty.” So, I will not confuse it with the emails to, “meet Christian singles,” not to be confused with, “Free Local Sluts.” I don’t know why I don’t get the formerly numerous, “Penis Enlargement” offers. Could it be that the NSA told them that I’m hung like a horse? Probably not.

Anyway, if you like Glenna and Jennie’s comments anywhere near as much as I do, you will want to read 1491 and 1493. I have not seen either book so far but I will watch for them. I also strongly recommend “Guns, Germs, and Steel”. It is a very enjoyable read and looks at history from quite a different perspective than I had seen before.

Here is a nice link relevant to 1493. But if you Google the title and author, of most anything, lots of good choices will pop up.

Doesn’t my blog make you wish that I knew how to organize data in a better manner? Oh well. I try to learn a little every day. Or is it only that I want to weed out non-tenacious friends? The non-tenacious friends do not get this far. But, the bright ones do.

I just LOOK dumb.



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