GOM Headlines are very bad news

Most everyone is much more tuned into national and world news that I am. I try to look at the headlines once a day. But, I don’t watch the evening news or anything like that. Which is so common in the USA.

And I’m sure it shows.

But a friend from high school, Mike V., pointed out a recent headline on China rejecting the fifth shipment of corn from America. Because it had been contaminated with GMO corn. They are probably going to reject the next three shipments also. They were, until now, our biggest customer for corn exports.

I understand that in the complex world of politics, that there may be other forces at work here. All of you Pro – GMO folks can desperately cling to that illusion.

The fact is, that an awful lot of plants propagate by sending out pollen. By definition that is hard to control. As soon as you have a single GMO plant growing outdoors, you face that risk. And it is a pretty much guaranteed risk. They’ve known that all along, and probably thought it would be good news.

According to the following link and many others:


America produces about the same amount of corn per year than the next two largest producers combined. Which also happens to be about the same production as the whole rest of the world combined. The US produces almost 1/3 of the world’s production of corn. China is the world’s second largest consumer of corn after the United States. China, it would appear, does not want GE corn. Many countries do not want GE anything. America is facing a major export close down unless heroic measures are taken. Which seem very improbable, given the power of the Pro – GMO movement with its mega funding. We cannot control GE contamination of our food supply. And we are one of the few places in the world that still is naïve enough to think that that does not matter.

There are many scientists that believe that various genetically engineered crops, particularly corn, are responsible for the massive die off of honeybees. I’m sure that’s controversial and being debated. I don’t really care about the politics of the answer. I just want the accurate and correct answer. If is because of GE crops, then let’s find out. If is because Dave spends too much time on the computer, then tell me. I’ll stop.

Life has always been complicated. It seems to me to be more complicated right now than usual. But that cannot be an excuse. We have important problems that we need to solve, even if we can only partially solve them.

Please help us put the brakes on genetically engineered technology, until it is more accurately and honestly understood.

If for no other reason than because, very soon, it will be obvious that it is costing the USA billions of dollars a year to tinker with it.



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