Internet Dangers

On the slight chance that there is one person out there, that does not appreciate how dangerous the Internet can be, I would like to mention that I just received a very legitimate looking email with the subject line:

“please read the updates to the PayPal User Agreement”

Normally, I absolutely never follow a link in an email that claims to be from my bank or anything that involves money. I try to be very careful of phishing scams. Since I was not going to log into my account, I took the lazy way out and clicked on the link in the email, that fortunately my ESET Internet Security Suite, instantly said was a fraudulent webpage!

So, I belatedly tried to warm up my two or three brain cells, and canceled my request to go to that website, without having ever actually gone there thanks to the vigilance of ESET.

As for, what is happening in Dave’s life, on Friday we had a very nice walk up a steep hill behind the Marina, led by some nice folks on another boat here. About 10 of us went. Fleming, a Danish man, brought his GPS and we believe that we climbed a little more than 400 m in elevation change. Which was over 1300 feet of climb. The whole walk, round-trip, totaled slightly less than 7 km. 4.3 miles. So, it was the steep hill that made exercise, not the distance walked. I will try to post several photographs on this page. But it will be a few days. So you might want to check back in a week or so. It was a beautiful day, and several of us got some nice pictures.

You can see the walk on

The long straight line was because the batteries ran out and the bottom of the straight line is where he put a new batteries. The zigzag path that we actually followed was the same going up and down, so I estimate from the track going up, that we walked about three quarters of a kilometer further than the posted track would imply. Not that it really matters.

You should not have to join that website, just to see the track. I encourage you to not join anything that you don’t really want to be a part of. Keep your life simple where you can.


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