GMO Apples

I think that this link will let you sign a petition, to ask the United States FDA to not approve the growth of two new genetically engineered apples. A large portion of the United States and Canada depends on income from the sale of apples to the rest of the World. Many countries do not allow GMO or GE foods. If the USA cannot certify that a crop is GMO free, they will not buy it.

This will be a major economic disaster if it is approved. Not to you immediately. But to hundreds or thousands of families who depend on being able to sell their crops.

None of this mentions the potential health risk to untold millions.

To me it seems ironic, that 40 years ago, the people selling seeds, develop hybrids that had characteristics that they felt were marketable. And, if you saved the seeds from that plant when it matured, they would not breed true.

The company that developed them, had a lock on them. If you wanted to grow them, you must buy their seeds.

Okay. Free enterprise. I developed a better mousetrap, and I want to retain the rights to it. I want to be sure that if you want one, that you have to come to me.

However, with GMO & GE foods, at least frequently and probably always, they very easily cross pollinate with real food growing nearby. This means that it is essentially impossible, to make sure that the genie will stay inside the bottle.

This danger has already crippled several food industries in America. Several important crops cannot be sold to non-GMO countries now.

Similarly, some farmers have been sued, because they were found to be growing patented crops without having bought the rights from the company. That sounds reasonable at first. But these farmers did not WANT to grow the patented crops. The company who did plant the patented crops had no brain cells at all. They could not imagine that pollen from their patented crops would blow down wind and contaminate legitimate farmers.

Their solution was to then sue the legitimate farmers, even though the farmers were the victims. The GMO folks were the villains.

I am curious why, if they know how to combine bizarre and impossible combinations, they do not control the ability of the plant to pollinate traditional crops. I can only assume it is because they do not want to prevent it.

I have posted this link in this manner, in the hopes that I will not be giving away my contact list for unscrupulous companies to then spam all of my friends, and then say that I told them to do it. I sincerely apologize for that happening in the past with Google+.

We live in complicated times. Be careful who you trust. Get used to disappointment.



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