Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Hanukkah

It is 830 in the evening here. I apologize for being so late writing this, but things have been pretty busy. The Thanksgiving celebration went extremely well! I think there were 55 people attending. Everyone ate far too much. Just like a traditional Thanksgiving, right? You just don’t mess with tradition.

We had many really great people working hard to bring it all together on time. Three separate households on land, volunteered to cook three large turkeys. Getting up at four in the morning to start the cooking.

It looked like about five guys, volunteered to carve the turkey so that the serving line could move quickly. Some very imaginative and resourceful people use their skills to decorate the tables with festive boughs, various improvisations, and even harvest season napkins. Now what are the odds that you would find napkins colored with predominantly oranges and browns, with pumpkins and cornucopias on them in a small town in Turkey?

She bought all they had, and it was almost enough for everyone. She also found some other excellent choices.

And countless other behind-the-scenes choreographers and worker bees and amazing facilitators did lots of stuff that I don’t even know about.

The bar that owns the meeting room, really outdid themselves trying to make everything exactly the way we wanted it. His whole family was involved in bringing out extra tables and chairs, and rearranging them. They were opening the folding glass walls of the venue, when we thought we needed more room. Then closing them, when some clever folks figured out an even better seating arrangement.

It was like a potluck in that each couple brought food. Fantastic food. Many of them, careful to make vegetarian versions, for yours truly. The leftover Turkey and rice and some of the other ingredients are going into a gigantic turkey soup for the Sunday barbecue. There are some really fantastic cooks out there. 55 of them at least.

Even though I’m late with this message, the time zone difference is to my advantage. I sincerely hope that all of you had, or are having, a fantastic Thanksgiving with family and friends and lots of laughs in good times.

And, to my many dear Jewish friends, I just saw this on the Internet:

“This year, Thanksgiving Day is also the first day of Hanukkah1 — an extremely rare convergence that will not occur again for 79,043 years! The last time it happened was in 1888. So for Jewish Americans, November 28 may be doubly festive this year.”

So, I hope that you all have a wonderful Hanukkah!

And that every single one of you, regardless of religion, race, creed, socio-economic status, hair color, and whether you have a boat or not, have a great time doing doing whatever you like to do, and/or being able to not do what you don’t like to do. I think that should cover it. If not, just edit the above, and pretend that I said it.

My friends that were crossing the Indian Ocean and their sailboat, very recently arrived in South Africa. A few bumpy days near the end, but that is behind them now. They are already having a great time.

You do the same.



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