More GMO news 19 Nov 2013

Here is another link.

I say again, that I do not always agree with Dr. Mercola, but I think he often has a lot of good information. I do agree that he often sounds controversial. By that I mean, that I think he likes to surprise you. So he might say something in a way that catches your attention, even though it is actually fairly ordinary information.

He usually credits his sources, and so you can easily see where he’s getting his information. Which most of these guys do not do.

And lastly, I subscribed to his newsletter, but you do get quite a bit of mail from him if you choose that path. I have not tried to cancel it, but hopefully one could. So, be careful what you commit to on his website.

I’m not aware of any danger in just looking at it. And one solution might be to just visit his website from time to time and look at the list of articles that he has written. He seems to come out with about two articles a day. Many of them I enjoy very much.

On that subject of being careful what you sign up for, I have recently wanted to contribute an answer to a question or a comment about an article or that sort of thing on many websites. But they wanted me to use my Facebook account or my Gmail account or other things too, “make it easier for me to login.”

In actual fact, it was often the ONLY available way to login. This would be no big deal, however, if you read the fine print, you agreed to hand them your complete address book or contact list. So, I assume that these websites are really just email harvesting machines, so that they can plague all of your friends with spam. I do not choose to sign up for them or allow them to know anything about me. Be careful. It’s a jungle out there.



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