I am very sorry to see that it looks like the people of Washington State will still not be allowed to know what they are eating. CBS News says:

It says in part:
In a 2010 survey, management consultancy Deloitte found that only 21 percent of the public was not concerned about eating GMO foods, while 34 percent was either very or extremely concerned. An ABC poll found that “Americans almost unanimously favor mandatory food labels on genetically modified foods” and 52 percent thought that GMO food was unsafe to eat.

America is certainly becoming a 3rd World sort of country. So many countries watch GMO or prohibit it all together.

About 35 countries have much better Health Care than America.

Not many countries allow a small group to hijack the government and shut it down for many days. At a huge cost to taxpayers.

It is too bad. I think Americans deserve better. But the Fat Cats prefer us under their thumbs. When we were in Louisiana, we often heard the locals say that, “Louisiana has the BEST politicians money can buy!”

It seems to apply to the whole country, which is a shame. You might consider working to change that. Just a thought.



4 thoughts on “GMO

  1. Morning David – I love your articles about the GMO and antibiotics. I’ve been doing more research and beginning to make changes away from animal based foods to plant based. The more I read, the more concerns I have. Even though I’ve always been healthy, and don’t take antibiotics … oh goodness! With the majority being poured into the animals we eat … lord only knows what I’m really ingesting! So keep up the great blogs, you are definitely making a difference in the world … one fork at a time!
    Luv you and miss you!

  2. I read somewhere that rats (or maybe it’s mice) fed GMO are sterile by the 3rd generation. I don’t mean cleansed of all germs, rather unable to reproduce. I’ll try to find the data.

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