I just found quotes like these:

“A U.S. congressional committee last year said Huawei and crosstown competitor ZTE Corp. (000063) provide opportunities for Chinese intelligence services to tamper with telecommunications networks for spying. Huawei was barred by the U.S. in 2011 from participating in building a nationwide emergency network.
“Australia in March 2012 banned Huawei from bidding on a national broadband network citing “national interests.”


I have no idea what the problem is. Remember that the article may be totally misleading also. However, I assume what it is is that they have been accused of putting in backdoors that Chinese spies can eavesdrop on your communications through some convoluted method.

You can’t really call it a secret method if everybody knows it’s there.

It would only be of any use if it somehow magically overcomes the problems of virtual private networks or other encryption technology that you might already be using. So, I don’t think the sky is falling quite yet. However, Huawei is the company that makes the MiFi device that I use when I use the Internet through TURKCELL.

So, the article got my attention. Since I am not up to any form of illegal activity I’m not worried about the so-called legitimate spies. My concern is that I do my banking and practically everything on the Internet and if suddenly I had not a penny to my name, or even owed a fortune in fraudulent charges, I would be very upset. It would also probably be fairly terrifying to my close friends, World wide, because they would be afraid I would come live with them, ‘while I sorted things out.’

Therefore, I need to be careful for many reasons.

The gold bugs, and survivalists, and many flavors of strange people, have the advantage that they can stockpile gold and sacks of beans and who knows what all in their relatively normal homes. But on a boat I just don’t have room. I mean I could stockpile far more gold than I could possibly afford, but if the boat went down I might as well go with it. And if bad people even suspected that I had anything of any value in my possession, I might not get a chance to go down with it.

And I am fortunate that I am quite happy living very low on the ‘economic hog’. I can imagine that any thief would go to the trouble to break in for anything that I actually possess. If they get some irrational bug in their ear, there’s not much I can do about that.

So, as always in life, I try to keep my eyes open, and watch for possible dangers, do the best I can, and when some sort of poop hits the fan, deal with it.

My mom had a small mirror on the wall near her dressing table that had a small shelf at the bottom of it, and a very nicely done, sort of rustic tiny, sheet metal caricature of a woman, with dangly earrings, sitting on the shelf. There was a plaque that said, “It’s time to put your big girl panties on, and deal with it!”

Hopefully, big boy jockey shorts will work as well. Maybe that’s my problem? Maybe I need to buy some big girl panties. Somehow I thought that that would just make things more complicated.

I probably should not of published this part. Now you’ll always be wondering what’s Dave wearing? Sort of like what is the Scot wear under his kilt?

A little mental activity is probably good for you. Don’t strain anything.



1 thought on “Cybersecurity

  1. Got a big chuckle from you blog today. You could always crash at our place if you need to ‘sort things out’. You need to know that I have never wondered what underwear you were wearing………..but now I do….ha ha.

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