More GMO & GE news

Many of us want to know what we are eating. Whether you do or not, please help us to be able to know.

It also will GREATLY assist the people that make real food, safe food, to stay in business. Isn’t that a plus also? There are many videos on this link.

That site is also trying hard to get donations. The largest negative contributors so far are Monsanto and DuPont Pioneer, with a total of $11.6 million in opposition, approaching the previous state record against a state-wide initiative. And that was back in mid Sept. While the “Yes” had only raised $4.4 million.

Even I donated! Now there’s a first! The cheapskate giving away money!!! OMG!!

In a similar ballot not long ago, the anti-labeling side in California outspent supporters of that measure nearly 5 to 1, or about $44 million to $9 million. That $44 million bought them the 51% to 49% no vote the big boys wanted. Let’s keep trying to remove the ban on telling us what we are eating.




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