I just finished watching the movie, “Jodhaa-Akbar.”

This film is an epic (Running time 214 minutes) historical drama made in India and released in 2008. It is about things taking place in India around 1555. With a Muslim hero and a Hindi heroine.

It claims to be historically accurate. Back in the section on special features they list the long list of books that were used in their research. However, Wikipedia seems to think that it is not very historically accurate at all. In any case, the sets and costumes are incredible!

As several of the major movie critics said, it is easy to find things wrong with the movie. Like the hero lights a candle with a ‘strike anywhere match’, 250 years before they were invented, but holy moly folks. Most of the stuff is great.

Clearly, Harry Potter does not need to worry. But, overall the critics and I really liked it.

Give it a shot. The acting is not top notch, but it has so much to offer. The hero and heroine are both super good looking.

They do get heavily into the singing and dancing (with a cast of thousands) that Bollywood is known for, but I still like it for the supposedly ‘ethnic experience.’

Of course, no matter what, it is an ethnic experience in that Bollywood movies are generally different then you are used to.

And I like the recurring theme of trying to stop corruption, bribery, and especially religious intolerance. I suspect that all of those are important messages for India today.

Sort of a, “Hey guys. Could we please stop blowing each other up?”

And if you figure out how to stop, could you please show the rest of us?

By the way, none of the movie is in English. You can choose subtitles, if you can find where they are in the menu. You will also need them if you want to watch the outtakes, but there is a choice to have them, if you can find it.



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