Terrible Boat Accidents

The very nice man at the front desk of the marina posted this video on his Facebook page. He is the same one that had the photos of the fire, on the hill above the marina.

Keep in mind that most of these boats are actually dying before your eyes. It is not a roadrunner cartoon. It is a collection of people’s worst nightmares. And a very good reason to choose haul out facilities, boat yards, and yacht transporters VERY carefully.

Even the opening shot, probably causes MAJOR damage to the props, shafts and perhaps the keel and hull. And people can loose arms, legs, hands, feet, etc. in a blink.

The title of the video is Tekne İndirme Kazaları = Boat Accidents While Lowering (or Setting Down). Does that mean that there is a ‘Boat Accidents While Raising’ video?

We have always been super worried when Alegria is out of the water. From lift to blocking to splash. Even a small mistake can be fatal.



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