Washington Initiative 522

There’s going to be an election in Washington State, in America. One of the things that they tell us we get to vote on, is to see if the government would allow us to know some important things about the food we eat. Presently, the agricultural/industrial complex has bought off enough politicians to keep it a government mandated secret. Unlike at least 64 other countries.

Turkey does not allow GMO foods Into the country at all, even for animal feed. Perhaps they know what they’re doing? I think so.

It looks to me like there’s a lot of confusion about GMO foods. I think it’s a very, VERY simple.

With today’s technology, people can change the DNA of living things and create plants and animals that could not possibly ever have been formed in nature. They assure us that these new combinations are brilliantly conceived and are far better for someone or something that anything ever before.

They try to tell us that they are far better for you and me, but it looks to me like, in every case, they are only far better for them, and much less wonderful for you and me. Perhaps even bad, or dangerous for you and me.

But, if you believe their heavily financed advertising, that’s fine. I really hope that you are right.

However, I strongly believe in full disclosure. I get kind of twitchy when people assure me that they have my best interests at heart, but that it is absolutely imperative, that I not have any idea what they are doing. I strongly believe that when someone spends tens of millions of dollars to keep something a secret from me, that they probably do not have my best interests at heart. That’s just a knee-jerk reaction on my part.

So, what I’m asking is, if you’re a registered voter in Washington state, or you KNOW any registered voter in Washington state, please ask them to vote to allow people to know what they are buying. Even if you, or they, could care less what is in the food you buy. Even if you much prefer to go to the grocery store and hand the clerk some money, and you just tell them to give you a can or bag of whatever they have. You really don’t care. You would really prefer not to know, what you are buying.

I respect that. If you see me in the grocery store, just come on over and I’ll be happy to take all the labels off of the cans and packages and let you buy mystery stuff to your hearts content. I will fill up your cart with surprises for you. From time to time, some clever folks in China, do that to help you out. They put antifreeze and other random, nasty stuff, in baby food and pet food, for example.

But, I hope you will help me to get 522 to pass, so that I can make an informed decision about what I want to buy.

The position of Monsanto and the gigantic industrial complexes that are paying tens of millions of dollars to keep us from knowing what we buy, is absolutely insane, on the face of it.

Their position is that they market a really good product. Better than anything else out there. But, they have already spent $11 million, the last time I looked, just on this single part of an election. They want to make sure that we can’t tell when we are buying their really good, wonderful product.

Does that seem just a little peculiar to you?

If I were marketing some kind of sneaky, ripoff product I would be willing to spend something to make sure that you did not know that you are getting ripped off. Because that way I could make more money. But, it’s hard for me to understand why someone would want to spend $11 million, to keep you from knowing when you’re buying my wonderful product that is God’s gift to humanity.

Is this some sort of Darwin award? Some sort of IQ test? I guess it is.

So, even if you’re among the large number of people that appear to much prefer to not have any idea what you’re buying, I hope that you will please help make sure that the people that do like to choose what they buy, are allowed to do so. Don’t worry. No one will force you to look at the new label. Please help us out on this one, and we will help you out on some of your causes.

Thanks. And keep your fingers crossed,



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