Americas Cup 2013

I just got this from my friend Steve,


Speaking of wanting to follow something, I just discovered something really astounding. Go to YouTube and search Americas cup. These sail boats routinely hit speeds over 50 mph and the video coverage is fantastic. Nancy thinks it was race 8 where the Kiwi boat nearly capsized at high speed. When this happened in one of the pre-race trials, the boat was completely destroyed. :-(




I (Dave) went to YouTube and found many videos, but I do not have a good enough Internet connection to do them justice.

This link shows the US boat crashing.

There are several other AMAZING near disasters and some actual disasters in the collection of video. I see that one crew member of a boat was lost overboard in another race. I don’t know the America’s Cup rules, but usually you have to go back and get him/her. Not good when the other boats are leaving you behind at 30 to 50 knots.

More at

Etc., Etc.

Thanks Steve,



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