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FYI: I am doing well.

In order to do the engine repairs, I needed to get many different things out of many different lockers. Since items like the equipment to pull the flywheel off of the engine, are not used very often, or at least I hope not, they are stored in some of the most inaccessible parts of the boat.

I also for many months have wanted to get the inventory of what is stored where, up-to-date. So after getting the engine running correctly, it took me several days to put the items back into their respective places in the boat.

During that time, there was a large amount of junk on the floor, that is really easy to stub your toe on. Well, I finally got all of that put away yesterday, and my toes are much less nervous.

Somewhere I read, “Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment chop wood and carry water, but don’t trip over things in the dark.” I am obviously not yet enlightened.

Another example of lack of enlightenment. The freshwater pump that loses its prime that I mentioned fixing a while back is up to its old tricks again. I’m trying to figure out a way to isolate whether the problem is in the pump or the pipe going to the pump or somewhere else. The way our system is designed if the freshwater pump in the head is leaking, it can also cause similar symptoms in the galley.

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They say it is the largest marine salvage ever attempted. I hope it goes well.

And see if you notice what is wrong with the following photograph.

IMG_6658AThe dot above the I in Titan is because when they Romanized the Turkish written language from Arabic style in the 1920s, they invented two forms of that letter. With and without a dot, to give two different sounds. It gets trickier in Upper Case.

Delaware is the main reason for the photo. First. I think the law is, that you put the city, not the state. But, over here they usually say Delaware, but usually spelled correctly. When we documented Alegría, we could either list the hailing port as the city were the owner lives, or the city where the Coast Guard station that is in charge of the Coast Guard district that includes the city were the owner lives. We chose to use Seattle, even though the owners’ address was Everett. We correctly thought that more people will know where Seattle is than Everett. And I often have to explain where Seattle is.

But, I think the weird spelling is because they did not have a template for the letter E. Only for the letter F. If you notice the last 2 E’s are very strange. It obviously did not occur to them, to turn the stencil upside down when doing the lower bar of the E. Or, perhaps they are stick-on letters and part fell off. And, of course, there should be one more A and one less “E”.

But hey! I am very aware that some of my do-it-yourself projects are certainly not ready for prime time either.

There are an extremely large number of American boats in Turkey. But they are owned by Turks, who register them in Delaware as a flag of convenience. There are not many “real” American boats in Turkey, or in the Med for that matter.



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