A boat for sale

My friend Malcolm, just sent me this:

If you’ve had the dream to live on a boat, or if you have a friend who dreams of living on a boat I’m moving on after a decade at sea. Francesca is now up for auction on EBAY could be the bargain of a lifetime! Please pass this link on – in 9 days it will be too late! (ends 21 Aug, 2013 22:59:24 BST I think. I may be wrong.)

Malcolm is a very nice guy. I wish him well.

Boats are VERY complicated. Malcolm is a good friend, but I would still want a COMPETENT surveyor to look any boat that I was considering buying. It is common to make the deal contingent upon passing the survey. Surprises, if found, are negotiated.

Selling a boat in this manner seems likely to end up with a very low price. I wish Malcolm and the new owner all the very best. Malcolm sailed the boat for many years and had a great time. Someone else now gets the chance.



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