Never say never

Never say never and never assume that you/we have it all figured out. We have all heard about the story that (supposedly) in the late 1800s they were going to close the US Patent Office, because everything had been invented.

Hard to believe. Right? Before airplanes, penicillin,The Edsel, lava lamps, 8 track tapes, smart phones, etc.

Well, I read some kind of strange websites. As you are already painfully aware. But, more and more, I hear of breakthroughs involving bacteria and ways that we are only beginning to understand that our health is affected.

DNA was thought to be a relatively chiseled in stone blueprint for our cells. But more and more data says otherwise and our health depends on us getting this right.

It is my understanding that one of thousands of new, and now proven ideas is that certain mushrooms have certain sugar-like components that encourage the growth of certain bacteria in your gut. These bacteria can and do travel in your body and correct DNA errors. They make you much more resistant to certain cancers by correcting, changing your DNA. I tried to find the place that I learned this, but this next link is all I have found so far. (Please ask TED to get a search engine that works better. I would like to link to THEIR page, but could not do it.)

I did find this discussion:

And this earlier video from 2008

Please also find the time to watch these. They will change your life:

It may be that much or most of our health is very closely tied to bacteria. We consist of 10 to 100 times as many bacteria as human cells. We are in a symbiotic relationship with them that we ignore at our peril. This may be a break through greater than antibiotics.

Learn a little every day,



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