Trust is important

I try to to check the headlines on the Internet every day. Originally this started to keep track of what was going on in Turkey. But, obviously there are things going on all over the world that may be important.

I was struck by a couple of sentences in the following link:

>”When we encounter differences, or sensitive issues, we need to
>address them directly in consultation with one another and that is
>why we were very disappointed with how the authorities in Beijing
>and Hong Kong handled the Snowden case, which undermined our
>effort to build the trust needed to manage difficult issues,” Burns said.

I can only assume that Mr. Burns was referring to some other kind of trust than the one I believe is required. A lot of Americans believe that we have a Constitution and laws that are sometimes inconvenient, but generally protect us. From the little that I’ve read about this scandal, I and a lot of other Americans, now have even more proof than before, that the US government ignores these laws.

Personally, I previously had extremely little trust that the United States government operates in my best interest. I had extremely little trust that the United States government operates in the best interest of its population as a group. But, I now have less and that is not easy to do.

Based on the data that I have seen, we are talking about a whistleblower, not a spy. We are talking about a government that does not deserve trust. I fully understand that people that have access to secret information can be well-intentioned and go public with something, that in reality, in the big picture, is really bad for the country. They mean well, but they cause massive damage.

So far, I did not feel that that is what is happening here. But, I assume that I know almost nothing about what is really happening. I suspect that none of the public does.

This is probably a political issue for most of you. You probably have seen information that is different than the information I have seen and quite logically have different opinions. So, I apologize if I have upset you. But, I will close by saying that I seriously doubt that any of us really understands exactly what is going on here. Even though I certainly do not always agree with every law, I still think that our government should follow them.

Let’s please change the dumb laws, but if we don’t follow them, then isn’t that anarchy?

However, perhaps we can all join in hoping that whatever is best for the entire world, happens. Even though it is likely that none of us knows for sure, what that would be.



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