Turkey & Grandmothers

I wanted to add some information to two previous posts. The troubles in Turkey and the circumnavigating grandmother. I added some text to the previous post, “Grandmother circling the globe, nonstop, alone”. I assume that, if you want to see it, that you can move back and find it. In the worst case you could Google the text “Grandmother circling the globe, nonstop, alone” and that would probably find it. But there are easier ways.


The troubles in Turkey, seem to be getting less coverage in the popular press. But, some of that may be because it appears that the government of Turkey is banning coverage of things it does not like. And arresting journalists and photographers in order to keep that ban in force. I think most of the people that live in areas where they are allowed to say what they think, are worried when they see a government suppressing the news.

Occasionally people comment on the things I write. Some of you have said that you do not know how to read the comments. I think if when you are reading a post, if you will go down to the bottom of that particular post, there is a link for comments.

If it says, “Leave a comment.” Then no one has left one yet, but if you click it, you are welcome to do so.

If it says, “2 Comments.” Then two people have written comments, and perhaps people have replied to some of those comments. Click on the link.

On my post about Rumi, a friend replied, “I really like your posts Dave, Why? Because they make me think…. Thank you very much. Hope all is going well for you…… John”

to which I replied:
Thanks John. Thinking is good. Like they say, “Sometimes I sit and think and sometimes I just sit.”

I sure hope that they get a happy solution to the unrest in Turkey. Some, but by no means all of the news amkes it seem like the government seem to act exactly like ‘Dictators.’ Squashing anyone that dares to question or disagree. IMHO, you may not like opposition, but news black outs and arresting gobs of reporters is like fighting fire with gasoline. Does anyone really want to do that?

I am worried for the safety of Turkey, and therefore me. I do not want to have to leave. Here are just two of the links that I found disturbing today:



BUT! I think that it is VERY important to emphasize that some people in government do seem to understand. Here is one such reassuring link that dates from June 20:


I recommend that you spend 50 minutes and watch the very interesting video. It is certainly spoken by the Government and would be expected to grind their ax. BUT, I fell that Turkey’s foreign minister does a very nice job of telling his side of the story. Not that I agree with him completely by any means, just that I feel much better. Which is nice.



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