A friend is now Cancer Free!

Janet and several of our close friends died of their cancer. We met Hannah & Pete at the Burzynski Clinic in Houston early in Hannah’s treatment. The Doctors in the UK, assured her that her tumor was absolutely hopeless. I am SO glad to hear that Hannah is now cancer free.

http://www.teamhannah.com/blog/ see the 6/6/13 video

This was thanks to Dr. Burzynski and his staff. Yet he is still harassed and blocked by the Established Medical Mafia. Please do whatever you can to add a little honesty and honor to our abysmal American Medical Monopoly. Thousands of people are dying each year because of the greed of this vicious monopoly.

In a related link. Related in that the government does not want us to know what Big Business is doing to us. Have a look at:

I do not see what burning has to do with anything. Do you want to use petroleum and many mystery ingredients that are kept secret by government Fiat? Or would you like to use a product that tells you exactly what is in it, and just happens to be organic?

I have friends that used to work for Procter & Gamble. PG are by no means the only bad guys in this. They are just one snowflake in an avalanche.

Vote with your checkbook. Do not buy products that are afraid to tell you what you are buying.



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