Current events

As long as I’m typing I should tell you that Ian and Linda, the couple that most recently took care of Alegria while we were gone. Flew to the Seattle area for about three weeks, visiting an American friend, Frank, who’s boat is here. The friend lives in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, which is one of a beautiful group of islands between Seattle and Vancouver.

I realize that I hadn’t seen them around for a while, but I was not aware that they were going. The first I heard of it was that they called to me, while they were relaxing in a patio near the Marina. Having just arrived, after a two or three day flight, they were very glad to finally be home. Their connections were about as bad or worse than mine.

Their friend Peter from the Marina, also went with them. This morning I was talking with Linda, who was up doing early morning laundry. The Marina has a very nice laundry room, that makes it much easier to do boat laundry.

She said that shortly after they had passed over it, a freeway bridge across the Skagit River, was collapsed by an oversized truck hitting some of the girders. Then, they’ve also learned that just after they left Heathrow Airport, it was closed for a time, because a plane was landing that had lost the counseling off of one of its engines.

So, their flight might’ve been much much longer, but fortunately the disasters were following them rather than preceding them.

On that subject, I have bought travel insurance the last few times that I’ve flown. In two of the three flights, I needed to be compensated for things that happened, and they actually paid off! My experience with insurance companies in the past was largely that they are great at making sure they get their premiums, but they never pay out anything. They always find some excuse not to. The two successful payoffs did require some paperwork. But not an onerous, unreasonable amount of it. So, one might consider the merits of travel insurance. And, I think that some credit cards, included in the fine print for free. It probably is a good idea to wade through all that mindnumbing fine print once in a while.

Now, I really do have to get to work.



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