Another photo

It seemed to me that in the previous photo of Alegria from when we were in Spain, it might be hard to visualize exactly what is going on. So, a few minutes ago I took this picture. Because the two boats that would normally be in the foreground are gone, I have a rare opportunity to get almost a side view.

IMG_6493 sml

If it seems like we have way too many fenders, they were expecting gale force winds and above to begin last night. When there are strong winds, and especially waves coming into the Marina, causing the boats to dance around, you wish you had more fenders, and much larger ones. We, on several occasions, have been out, sometimes in the middle of the night, trying to figure out how to best use these fenders. And wishing that we had many more.

Also, she was MUCH dirtier when I arrived, but soap and elbow grease got most of it off. I am not yet done with that. But, one thing at a time. BTW, she looked far worse in person than this photo shows. The stainless tubing in the foreground is on a small launch in the foreground. Those of you in the NW may know Electra, a friend’s boat. If not think “African Queen”.


I had hoped to have time this morning to write about the nice Turkish wedding that I was so fortunate as to attend. Now quite some time ago. But, as is too often the case, I find other responsibilities are calling to me.

I have decided that the pressure is much reduced on me, and have been pretty decadent ever since getting my residence permit. However, I still have things that need to get done in a priority of what, at least in my mind, needs doing first.

I am painfully aware that I will never be a poster child for efficiency, but I do try to have some logic to my actions.



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