I arrived safely back in Turkey

Alegria and I arrived safely back in Turkey just before 4PM Thursday. I at Kaş Marina quite close to Kastelorizo. I am berthed at 36 12.3070 N, 029 37.6010 E.

They are predicting bad weather Saturday and the propeller shaft is making a funny noise. Usually that is coral or something grows on the shaft and I need to clean it off. It would have been easier to do out of the water, but I did not know that it was a problem then.

Well, I think I mentioned that I only got 2 hrs sleep last night, so even though it is 5:42PM, I am going to unload the bed and try it out.

Good thing that I piled the loose items in the bunk. We took some big rolls and even so, some stuff went flying. My Stugeron worked great though. I take it for anti sea sickness. No side effects and it is dirt cheap in Turkey. Not available in the USA.


I tried to send this, using my cell phone MiFi device at 545, but it did not send, even though I was online, just fine at the time. I got up at 0630 and noticed and it STILL will not send. MS Windows Live Mail is not very good. This is typical of the stuff that I have to put up with with MS in general.

Well, I will deal with that later. I need a weather report, to fix the noise in the propeller shaft and to take a shower,


5 thoughts on “I arrived safely back in Turkey

  1. Nice to read your voyage to and back from Greece went well. Prop shaft is another hopefully not real big chore. :) John

  2. Dave, glad to hear you are doing well and Alegria is getting the kinks worked out. Thanks for keeping us posted on your new adventure. Happy sailing.

  3. Reading your blog is a real pleasure Dave. And it makes me think of things I need to do to my boat the Notayot. Once long ago I was working on a tugboat that had an old Enterprise engine. I was off shift when it happened, but they took the boat out of the water in a dry dock, and did some work. Then when they put her back in the water, they assumed that all was well, and shortly thereafter the crankshaft broke. I found out later that you have to measure between the rod bearing sides with a special micrometer, and adjust the engine mounts until you got it straight. Evidently the
    whole boat flexed during the haul out. Anyway this is all to suggest the possibility that your boat may have flexed a bit during the long time ashore, and the engine could be slightly out of alignment. Perhaps when Alegria is in the water for awhile she will resume her true alignment and you won’t have to do anything. Just a tho’t.
    Stay safe,

  4. Well, I had some adventures getting the coupling apart, but the alignment is great. So, I hope that it was just the coral problem, which we have had several times before. I head back to Finike tomorrow. I tested it and it sounds good in the marina, but we will see how it sounds at sea. Should be downwind with a nice wind and if so, I will not need to motor much.

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