Underway for Greece

I launched Wed before noon. I started the engine at 06:16 this morning (Thur) and Left soon after. I am headed for Greece. The autopilot was goofy for a while and that was bad. I could not do didly if I had to drive the whole way. And the self steering would repeatedly try to take over and go in circles. It is VERY powerful, and if it is screwy, you are well and truly screwed, until you make it happy. The fact that it was turned off did not seem to matter. It was quite possessed for a while.

In true McGiver fashion, I just kept trying things until I found the several problems. Mothers don’t let your kids grow up to neglect boats, to paraphrase the song.

It helped a lot that I designed and built it and have been using and maintaining it since 1977. But, it had me thoroughly  cosmogrified for a while.

I need to go watch more. Popping up and checking the horizon and then coming down to type a few words is not much fun, but I thought I would try to get this off on my cell phone WiFi gizmo if I can find a tower.

I had 2 hrs sleep last night, but hope to get the paperwork all done today or tomorrow and take off a LOT of pressure.


Written about 07:40AM


3 thoughts on “Underway for Greece

  1. Today there floats one white rose at the Pacific departure end of the Miraflores locks of the Panama Canal in loving memory of Janet Erken and fond memories of our good fortune to meet Janet & Dave on another Panama Canal cruise many years ago — the beginning of a long-lasting email friendship. ❤

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