Celebration of Life for Janet Erken

The correct way to remember Janet!

The correct way to remember Janet!

February 9, 2013

There will be a Celebration of Life for Janet Erken on Saturday, February 23rd, at the Henry M. Jackson Conference Center at Everett Community College in north Everett.

The doors will open at 1:00PM, and the “program” will start at 2:00PM. We will try to get done before dark–about 5:00PM. We have the venue until 8:00PM for take down. I am sure some will want to visit longer than 5, but some will want to leave before 5. Whatever, just come. I want to see you.

I have a link here to a parking permit for EvCC, which you can print out and bring with you. A parking permit is not required on Saturday–you can park anywhere except Handicap areas, even Faculty parking–but it has very useful map, and simple driving directions.

This is not a funeral. It is a gathering of Janet’s friends to celebrate her life. I’ll talk a little, I will have some photos, and then I would hope that some would share stories about Janet, if you are OK with that. It is NOT required. If you have photos please bring them or email them. (Ideally full resolution digital that I can download or prints that I may keep to scan.

There will be no religious component to the celebration. Janet & I feel that is inside you. There will be a ‘moment of silence’ where I will be silently doing what I want in my head and you do whatever you wish. I want everyone comfortable. The pious and the atheists. All are welcome, and you don’t need to dress up. I won’t be. But, please feel free to dress up if you wish. Strut your stuff! I want everyone to be having a good time. We will have some light refreshments.

If you have not already, please let me know if you are coming, it will help with planning the refreshments, but don’t worry if you can’t respond. And, it is just NOT family or long time friends. Any of Janet’s friends are welcome. Students, co-workers, any friend. Please come and help me ‘Celebrate the the wonder that was Janet.’ I promise that you will find an interesting mix of people.

Hope to see you there,

David Heath
425-760-6056 Cell

PS: Oh, the campus is tobacco free.

PPS: The College also seems to have a STRONG rule against any homemade food. It can only be commercially produced food. So, please, no home made food, even though most of us love it. Susan and Mike have it covered.

12 thoughts on “Celebration of Life for Janet Erken

  1. Hi Dave,
    We would love to see you and meet Janet’s friends, I’m certain you’re right about a mixed and interesting group, but, will not be able to attend as we will be moving up the coast of Costa Rica and heading for home. We transit the canal on the 13th. We will most likely not have internet for most of our trip back to California, but we will check in when we’re home.
    Sue and Gene

  2. John David, we probably won’t be coming. But a celebration of Janet’s life is wonderful! We will be praying for peace for you and all of Janet’s relatives and friends. Love, Michele and Bobby

  3. I worked with Janet at Pacific NW Bell in 1968 or so. She was a hard-working young woman with amazing energy. It appears she went on to lead a very interesting life.

  4. Dave … I thought I already left a comment that I would be coming for sure and maybe Rob and the boys, but just in case I didn’t, we will all be there for sure on Feb 23 2013 … to celebrate Janet and to see you too … see you soon … Jill

  5. David – love you and Janet so much, and I am so blessed to be counted as your friend. Sending my love, and beautiful memories to Seattle, and Lily and I will be celebrating Janet’s spirit here in Texas. Luv you, Glenna

  6. We are sorry not to be there, but in the spirit of the day we have been enjoying many fond remininsces of our many good times with Janet and you. Love, Helen and Gus

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