Memorial Service update

Just a quick note to let you know that I am still out here.

I have reserved the Senate Room, in Jackson Hall at Everett Community College for Saturday, Feb 23. I have not gotten all of the paperwork done, however I assume it will go through fine. It was approved already.

If you go to Google Maps and search for 48.006337, -122.204117
Jackson Hall is the building immediately to the right of that latitude longitude. If you enter at the door that is closest to that point in Google map, the room is a second one on the right. The college creates a very nice map that includes a parking permit. People familiar with the campus know that parking can be a nightmare. But, it certainly appears that the college will make it all very easy for us.

I have reserved the room for eight hours. I don’t really expect anyone to stay that long, but it is either four or eight hours and that includes set up and take down. Their pricing structure was such, that even to a cheapskate, it seemed like eight hours was the best value. At the moment I’m thinking that I will go and set up a little before noon, and tell people that it starts at 1230. But, all of this may change, so watch this space. I will have better and more accurate information later.

I am still notifying people, and ‘the friends of Janet’ that have not yet been notified would really appreciate it, if when you have a moment, you sort of double check with all the people that you know that would want to know, to make sure that they do know.

I lost many hours of productivity this week due to several computer software problems. And since my two computers are now each well over three years old, I bought a new computer. Because it seems like right after the three years anniversary, that things start not working. The companies assure me that they do not put little timers in the hardware, but that has been my experience.

If you are new to the blog, it will become obvious that you need to scroll down the page to get to more interesting things. And you can search for particular words by typing them in the little rectangle at the upper right, that says ‘search this site.’ Each posting is an email that I sent and should have a recognizable heading at the beginning of it, and at the bottom of it something about comments. I think if you click on the comments word, it will take you to comments, if there are any for that posting. I think that very often the comments are extremely interesting. This might be because someone else wrote them. You decide.

Many thanks for all of the condolence letters that keep coming in. I really do plan to answer them all properly after I get back to the boat. Many of them bring back wonderful memories of happier times. Thank you all very much,



2 thoughts on “Memorial Service update

  1. Thanks Liz. But, the college provides a map and a free parking permit. But, I do not have it yet. Here is her comment. Dave

    Thanks David. For those folks not familiar with latitude & longitude searching…you do not want China, try You can print a map and learn where to purchase a parking permit.

  2. From classmate Sonja Johnston Please forward to David

    I’m so sorry to hear of Janet’s death. I’m out of state and won’t be able to attend the memorial. Just meeting her at the reunion and seeing how happy you both were with each other, I know she was a very special person.

    All my best wishes for you as you learn to live without her. For me, the conversation continued after my husband’s death and it probably will for you too.

    Sonja Johnson
    January 26 at 3:41pm

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