Dave is back in Snohomish

Hi all,

Thanks for the many more nice letters and emails. I promise to answer them personally someday, but not for a while.

I got up at 0400 AM yesterday, Thursday, finished packing the van and left just before 0700 AM and drove straight through to Snohomish, almost no ice or snow on the road on the route I chose. Very easy, just a long drive. Lots of rain and cloudy weather. Some heavy traffic in Portland Rush Hour, that the GPS routed me around. It took almost 16 hours, because I stopped for meals, to buy gas and to walk around for a minute or to find a toilet. I think the GPS predicts 13 hours with no stops at all.

I am still unpacking and looking for things in all of the boxes and suitcases. Then, next, I will try to notify everyone, so you may get re-notified, but better everyone get 5 notices than even one person get left out. At least, as I see it. The folks that I am sure got the news may not be notified again, but if in doubt, I will send it.

My survival trick is that I keep remembering the thousands of wonderful things that happened because I knew Janet and I do not dwell on Janet being gone. She is, and always will be, in my heart and mind. The things that she showed me or taught me, will always be there. Her gifts to me. To us all.

I am so very lucky. Far too many of you have been through much worse and I am grateful to have had so much less pain that you. It seems like quite enough to me, thank you very much. I hope that I never need to deal with more. But, we just do the best that we can.

Hugs from,



5 thoughts on “Dave is back in Snohomish

  1. Don’t push yourself too hard, Dave, you need to recuperate a bit. We hope you will be with Alegria soon.
    Gene and Sue

  2. David, I love that you told each of us to have our own memorial service for Janet, and Bobby and I did that very night. What a wonderful idea. Charles and Bobby and I wanted to do more, so we sent a donation to the Amer. Cancer Society in Janet’s name. Hopefully, they will use their money wisely and one day come up with a cure for this devastating disease. We love you, call when you come to Texas! hugs, bobby, michele and charles.

  3. We joined in the life celebration of Janet, recalling your life/vessel port call in Cape Coral, Florida and the time we spent visiting with you both. We raised out glasses, toasting Janet, a life well sailed. Amen.

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