Fantastic cake!

We met a wonderful couple in Rome. On the left in the 5 Musketeers photo. #6 was taking the photo.

He was born in Hungary and there they make a fantastic, decadent cake from ground hazel nuts, also known as a filbert, but there is a slight difference between filbert and hazel nut. In Turkey it is called the findik and they are very common and super popular.

Well, this guy, born in Hungary, but raised mostly in America, found a beauty queen wife that when she is happy, she likes to cook. When she is sad, she likes to cook. And she is a fantastic cook.

She makes this special cake for him on his birthday and we mooched some. Then we followed them to Winter in Marmaris, and the next year we followed them to Finike. And the cake is not her only trick. Anything she cooks is great!

And she takes nice photos. Like this one and the color shot in the post before this, And several of the others on this Blog.

Thanks Linda and Frank.

Dave & Janet


5 thoughts on “Fantastic cake!

  1. It was and we did! Chocolate and Hazel Nuts and sugar and shortening! All 4 of the food groups in one place at the same time. But not for long.

    A friend used to say that “cake is just an icing delivery system.”

    Most cake, yes, but with this one we are hard pressed to decide which is better. Cake or icing?

    Answer: “BOTH.”

  2. you realize many of us are incredibly jealous of the two of you – you can eat cake and never gain an ounce! i’ve never seen anyone eat as heartily as Janet and still have that terrific figure!

  3. This as wonderful picture of you two! One feels joy just looking at it! And thinking of the description of the cake. ty for sharing…

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