Two more thoughts

I suspect that these very frequent posts are a way that I compensate for the stresses of watching the one you love most in the World slowly die. Hopefully, they help you all also.

She still can tell me that she is NOT in pain, physical or mental. I wish that I could say the same.

One of our many great friends said in an email that she felt like an intruder if she commented on the Blog. She had read wonderful comments by Family and Friends, some of 40 years and more and as she and her husband had only known us for one Winter that we shared in the same marina, she feared that it was presumptuous for her to add her thoughts to the Blog which was (she thought) only for our very closest Friends. Therefore, she used email, so as not to defile a sacred space, as it were.

Well, that is the sort of sensitivity and thoughtfulness that is common among those that we call Friends. One of the many wonderful characteristics that cause us to cherish her and her husband as our Friends. I hope that I conveyed adequately to her that we welcome her comments, anytime and anywhere she wants them.

We welcome comments from complete strangers and several have. We are all travelers on the Road Of Life. Isn’t some horribly trite phrase from somewhere?

But, it seems like a Great Truth to me. Especially right now. So, to remind you of Rumi’s wise words that I have enjoyed in previous posts:

“Come, come again, whoever you are, come!
Heathen, fire worshipper or idolatrous, come!
Come even if you broke your penitence a hundred times,
Ours is the portal of hope, come as you are.”

Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi
1207 – 1273

(If you missed it, Mevlana who is also known as Rumi, was a philosopher and mystic of Islam, but not a Muslim of the orthodox type. His doctrine advocates unlimited tolerance, positive reasoning, goodness, charity and awareness through love.) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The other comment that I wanted to expand upon was by our Dear Friend (don’t obsess on why didn’t Dave call me ‘Dear Friend’? He must not like me as much. HEY! I am erratic. I often fixate on some obscure things and ignore obvious things. Surely you have noticed that and rolled your eyes. Right? I love you too, and JUST AS MUCH! Now chill a little. This is hard on all of us.)

Well, Jennie just commented, “Dear Janet and David, you continue to blaze trail for us all. You are truly amazing people. Thank you. Jennie”

When Janet got out of High School in the, in many ways, ‘Bad Old Days’ of 1964, women were supposed to be housewives. If they just could not confine themselves to their correct place in the Man’s World, then they could be school teachers, nurses or secretaries. End of list.

Actually Janet wanted to work with machinery, but it was not until 1980 that she broke into the field of working in the engine rooms of ships and really blossomed. She was not the first to do that, but she was one of the first and paid a heavy price for ‘not knowing her place.’

So, back to just out of high school, she wanted to teach Spanish. She had had 6 or 8 years of Spanish by 1964 and was an Honor Student and she decided to go to college in Granada, Spain, all in Spanish. All, on her own, in a time when that was NOT common.

But, she had VERY little money and so she stayed with people that took in students for a small fee to pay their bills. Usually Widows on a shoestring. She got her room a little cheaper by not getting all of the meals that the other students got. She averaged US$1.00 per day and it was not easy. Her shoes were so cheap that they were really sort of a cardboard flip flop.

In the Winter? In Spain?

She has always been a tough broad.

At one of those homes she became good friends with Lieve (short for Godlieve) & Veva. Two very young, Belgium women, of Janet’s age. Like all of the other roomers staying there, they happened to have a lot more money than Janet and were impressed or perhaps amazed at Janet’s drive and tenacity. Veva recently said, to Janet, the following in an email: >>>>>>>
“I´m not very good comforting, but for me the most consoling idea is that you enjoyed together the most beautiful and passionating life I can imagine. Only few people have the courage to get loose of our modern planned society, to take enormous risks in order to have a life of adventure, too short but so intense.

“Already in Granada, Lieve and I saw how special you are, Janet : during the cold winter, she used to come home in the evening – we lived together-
almost barefoot and with a baguette under the arm for supper (without anything to furnish it), all to save money for her studies and to accomplish a European tour. ” Now we realize how the west was won” was our comment…During the next summer my sister and I, full of nostalgia, visited her in Calpe, where she earned a living washing dishes in a bar… ” >>>>>>>

How the West was won, indeed!

As I said, Jennie also just commented, “Dear Janet and David, you continue to blaze trail for us all. You are truly amazing people. Thank you. Jennie”

Many are aware that ‘Janet the Trail Blazer’ is a fitting label. Many of the things that are now taken for granted, were pioneered by Janet and other exceptional women, and men, much like her. One of the many reasons that hundreds of people, many of them also Pioneers, Trail Blazers, love her so much today.

Now, as I type this, an arm span away, she is blazing another trail. Exploring the transition to the Next Life. ¡Que le vaya bien Juanita!

I had not asked Janet about the accuracy of my poor Spanish, but I was just told that, in this sentence above, que does not carry the accent. My apologies. My fault, not Janet’s. See also:

BTW, “The People’s Guide To Mexico” is also one of our favorite books.

Dave & Janet

8 AM Reno, NV


8 thoughts on “Two more thoughts

  1. Oh, Dave, now I see how deeply rooted was Janet’s frugality-enabled life of adventure! You brought back great memories of Mexico and Central America in the ’80’s before computers: Janet going into every possible grocery store before shopping there, with a notebook, writing down every item on her list with the comparative price of each one at each store, THEN going shopping, and saving a bundle!
    Thanks for reminding me. One store saw us writing things down and asked us to leave. “Are we not allowed to know what you charge?” “No! Please leave.”

    And yours and Janet’s birthday and Christmas gifts to one another in the form of coupons for services promised to each other, such as making breakfast or scrubbing the bottom of the boat…
    And, frugal to the bone, we both have saved many of them for special occasions. But, the joke’s on me. Who will rub my back or give me a foot massage now?

    And your comment about the frequent blog posts kind of answers the question about visitors, doesn’t it? We are all with you in that room keeping loving vigil beside you, hundreds of Dear Friends from around the world on this side and the other side of the veil of corporeality, visitors in Spirit without lugging our bodies there to take up room and needing to be fed and housed. It is beautiful, and brings to mind our days of ham radio at sea. Many a storm were we battling when Dean Litts WA6YOV and other armchair sailors would be on the other end of the air waves on dry land, giving us encouragement with their unseen presence and words of strength and friendship. I half expect him to chime in on this conversation from the beyond!
    From love into Love she goes, from the seen into the Unseen, from the present into the Presence, from the chrysalis into the butterfly, a legion of loved ones on this side and that to usher and to greet…
    Standing by to cast off the dock lines, Lindi
    Just 2 minutes ago, she roused long enough to signal that she is fine. Happy and smiling (a brief smile, but deeply felt). The Trail Blazer to the Last, literally. I asked her to spray some WD40 on my ESP for me. We have had many ESP moments, but I want to have good propagation and signals 5×5. I am not getting that yet.

    Thanks! Much Love,
    Dave & Janet

  2. OOO David my heart aches for you.

    I know how Janet is your world.
    I will always remember how much fun you too always looked like you were having when in Houston Texas at your parents home…whether working on the house or taking Little Fellar out for his daily walks.

    Janet always had a big smile and a twinkle in her eye…she was a ray of sunshine to behold on Thornton Rd. I always enjoyed y’alls visits to town.

    Know that I am sending y’all much love and peaceful blessing your way….

    Sheri Beasley
    Houston, Texas

  3. What beautiful sentiments coming together here. Reading some of the heartfelt remembrances of Captain Janet’s exploits has us on the verge of tears and even more impressed with her than we were when we spent time together in Italy. Janet, you are way tougher than you look.
    On the subject of Heaven. Have you guys come across neurosurgeon, Dr. Alexander’s, story about his visit while he was in a coma? He claims to have been there and remembers. It is fascinating and uplifting to read his account.
    The Italy photo is so you!
    Bless You Both
    Gene and Sue

  4. I, too, emailed instead of posted. Odd as it seems – even to me, Janet and I never got to meet in person. (I am so happy I got to meet you and Jessie in Seattle a couple years ago.) And having never met, felt I had a new best friend via our emails. After reading all the comments, I see Janet had that affect on everyone.

    Prayers are heard and are flying fast for Janet and you. Though the most desired prayer for Janet’s recovery isn’t a yes, I do believe the prayers are giving you both a sense of confidence in the now and the later. You both are remarkable and we are all blessed by know you and Janet.

    God’s blessings,


  5. David & Janet,
    I haven’t commented before, but I have been following your beautifully expressed blog for the past 13 days. Michele and I are heartbroken that we will not see Janet again during his lifetime. But, we look forward to seeing her again and once more enjoying her company in the future that God has prepared for us. What joy, what a great reunion awaits! You are both in our prayers. God’s peace be with you both.


  6. Nine years I was a boat gypsy and I met a lot of very amazing people on my travels. None more so than you two, kind, cheerful, always ready to help anyone, hospitable, wise and thoughtful, caring of people and the planet. I love you both so much I can find no more words to express my feelings. I would have said the same any time, at this time I wish I could say more or help in some deeper way. Love to you. Malcolm

    • Sailor, professional dancer, very enthusiastic amateur dancer, dive instructor, sky diving instructor, handsome and a super nice guy. What did I leave out?

      But our very large circle of friends is filled with amazing folks, so, no surprise there.

      Our love back to you,

      Dave & Janet

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