If you are not following the comments to the posts, you are missing out

My favorite Dr. Seuss quote so far:

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr. Seuss

As I said somewhere: The pain of this is crushing… beyond words by a long ways. But what hold me together is that I got way over 30 years of wonderful treasure from knowing her, so how can I whine?

There was also a quote at the clinic the other day.
“Be who you are and say what you feel,
because those who mind don’t matter,
and those who matter don’t mind.”
― Dr. Seuss

I think that can often be hurtful, so I don’t INTEND to be quite so frank, but I get and agree with the message. It is just that I’d rather not hurt unless I mean to hurt, which is seldom.

So,if I hurt you, but it is not scathing, then it was just me screwing up and I meant know harm. People usually are very aware when I intend to hurt them.

Please Google Dr Seuss quotes. They are fantastic!

Some folks strongly believe that at the so call end of the World (Mayan) Dec 21-ish Winter Equinox, that the Earth moved into a New Age of spiritual growth and enlightenment. I believed in the Age of Aquarius stuff way back then. I saw Hair in Seattle with many said the best cast ever. I was stoked for months.

We sure need a New Age of spiritual growth, but don’t burn your draft card just yet. I will pray for it, but not be shocked if Big Pharma and Monsato still own most of us as years go by.

Many have mentioned that Janet and I were their heroes because we dropped out and lived our dream. Well, as our dear friend Joyce said, “Its all about priorities.”

What Janet & I chose was seldom perfect, even for us. And would have been a nightmare for many. Just do your best for YOU and your loved ones. That is our thought for the day.

They say you are more likely to regret the things you DIDN’T do. We sure have a list. Try to truly enjoy your remaining time. Not party hardy, or at least that is not MY ideal. But, quality stuff that changes your life and make you feel really good.

Geeze, I must have too much time. I am quite the “full of himself philosopher”. Well, Dr, Seuss told me to be who I am…

Dave and Janet (hanging in there)

My apologies to the owner of this cartoon. It was sent to me without accreditation. Tell me who to give credit, links, whatever you want, just don’t sue me. My World could not deal with that right now. Hey! I like your cartoon. I’m not trying to take food out of your baby’s mouth. Forgive me, please.


3 thoughts on “If you are not following the comments to the posts, you are missing out

  1. Dave and Janet,
    If there be sorrow
    let it be
    for things undone
    to these add one:
    love withheld
    A Poem by Mari Evans
    Love to you both, Molly and Jack

  2. vegan I am, no green eggs and ham
    I like a key lime, at least most of the time
    and hummus and olives and celery too
    are some of the thinks that we likes to chew
    and yes I admit my favorite drink,
    is the wine shared with friends when ‘ere we synch
    so we’ll carry on our holiday meet,
    and laugh and cry with socks on our feet

    apologies to Dr Seuss!
    but we really missed our xmas party in Kemah this year. we’ll see you on the other shore. lots of love, hugs, tears and mostly smiles!!

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